Chantix (Varenicline; brand name: Champix) is a nicotinic receptor partial agonist. It blocks nicotinic receptors, therefore blocking the effects of nicotine in your body.
Champix is used to help adults stop smoking. It can help to reduce craving and withdrawal symptoms that happen while you give up smoking.

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People giving up smoking are habitually bogus sooner than nicotine withdrawal. Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can categorize craving proper for tobacco, irritability, frustration, ardency hot under the collar, slumber problems, depressed mood, theory distressed, hot water in concentrating, restlessness, decreased mettle proportion rank, increased edacity or incline gain. Not everybody is distressed past some or all of the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.


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Clinical trials suffer with shown that people who took Chantix were verging on four times more meet to cause desert smoking at the denouement of 12 weeks of treatment than if they took sugar pills (placebo). They were three times more likely to peaceful be not smoking one year after they started captivating the 12 week course of Chantix than if they took sugar pills (placebo). As a remainder 40% of smokers who took Chantix for the 12 weeks had quit at the vacillating of the treatment period.